Talbot Davis Releases New Book for Preachers, Christian Leaders, and Theology Students: Simplify The Message

Posted February 12, 2020 by classyinbound

Stemming from the experiences and reflections of a 28-year preaching veteran, this Christian speaking and preaching resource is filled with examples of how simplified messages enhance impact.

February 12, 2020 — 

the Message MULTIPLY the Impact
, Talbot Davis is offering his decades of preaching
experience to anyone who wants to share the message of Christ in a group
setting but struggles with clarity and messaging. He draws upon his roles as a
pastor for 30+ years, speaker and mentor to show preachers, pastors, and
leaders how to tame their inner critic, generate ideas for creativity and rely
on God’s word to see them through their trials.

In the introduction, he shares, "... in
the digital age, clarity always triumphs over clutter. Don’t all of us who
preach and teach and proclaim the Gospel want messages that are memorable?”

Talbot Davis has written edited thousands
of sermon series, including five that turned into Bible
Study books
published by Abingdon Press. His collection of studies
covers a broad range of Old Testament and New Testament messages, all of which
inform, encourage, and inspire readers and pastors who are using them as a
guide to craft their sermons. Davis has worked with theology students, veteran
and aspiring preachers, Christian leaders, and Bible study groups to identify
the wisdom and clarity of Scripture, focusing on chapters that receive little
attention from others. Drawing from his own breadth of knowledge, extensive
study, and inspiring insights, he elevates each of the studies into a powerful,
memorable message.            

Davis emerged as an author with the
release of Head Scratchers in 2015, followed by two more
Bible studies that same year. Solve was published in 2016 and rose to #7 on the
Washington Post nonfiction bestseller list in
2017. All of his Bible study books have garnered rave reviews Goodreads and
Amazon, ranging from four to five stars. In his latest book, SIMPLIFY the Message MULTIPLY the Impact,
he offers students, leaders, and pastors everywhere an effective guide to
facing the blank page of a sermon or message in a concise, powerful and
meaningful way.

Reviews for early release copies of his
latest book, SIMPLIFY the Message
MULTIPLY the Impact:

"So much more than a clever approach to human memory, Simplify
the Message is the insight-filled memoir of a seasoned communicator. Talbot’s
preaching combines hard work, intentionality, enthusiasm, and talent. I should
know; I listen to him every week! The book was a pleasure to read. I’m sure
this will be a blessing to lots of preachers!"
-Dr. Tim
Laniak, Author, and Professor of Biblical Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological

"I found his
unique approach to sermon delivery a very powerful preaching tool. It is and
will remain an indispensable tool for connecting with a world that desperately
needs to hear a word of hope from the pages of Scripture.
” -Dr. Joseph Okello, Author,
Associate Professor of Philosophy of Christian Religion, Abingdon Theological

the Message MULTIPLY the Impact
is available for
purchase in paperback and Kindle format from the publisher, Abingdon Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other book retailers. Bulk
orders are available for classroom or group use through Givingtons.

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