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Posted January 22, 2021 by zhenantea

So what does the quality of the finished tea have to do with? Discuss and research with Gunpowder Tea manufacturers!
We know that there are many factors that affect the quality of tea, including climate, later production technology, storage methods, etc. So what does the quality of the finished tea have to do with? Discuss and research with Gunpowder Tea manufacturers!

1. Natural environment

For the production of high-quality green tea, climate and soil are very important. The "Famous Mountain Famous Tea" that has been heard since ancient times refers to the natural environment for planting good tea trees.

2. Tea tree type

Tea varieties have advantages and disadvantages. Good tea varieties can easily produce good tea, while inferior tea varieties can only have advantages in terms of yield or ease of cultivation. In addition, which variety is suitable for which type of tea is also important. For example, the Assam variety is very suitable for the production of black tea, but not suitable for the production of oolong tea.

3. Tree age

Tea gardens trimmed into bushes are of poor quality in adulthood, but if properly cared for, maturity will be more likely to show the characteristics of the species, so it should be determined according to the specific circumstances.

4. Fertilize

It is a better choice to use organic fertilizer close to the natural ecology, and the product is also good. Efforts are currently being made to promote the Natural Agriculture Law (or Sustainable Agriculture Law).

5. Picking situation

The tea green of bud tea should be mainly the bud heart, and the leaf tea should be mainly open leaves. The aging degree should be as consistent as possible. The cuts of the picking branches should be kept intact. During the picking process, care should be taken to keep the broken cuts intact. First oxidize the incomplete cuts. The green tea after fermentation is bound to affect normal fermentation.

6. Season

Picking will occur in which season, and choosing the wrong season will cause serious consequences. In the same tea garden, if there is no problem with the variety, it is possible to pick light fermented tea in spring and heavy fermented tea in summer.

7. Climate

Good weather can produce good tea, but bad weather can hardly guarantee the quality of tea. Why not wait until the weather is good? Because bad weather sometimes lasts for seven or eight days, the tea green does not need to wait for people to grow, so there is a proverb in the tea industry: "Three days in the morning are treasures, and three days later are grass.

8. Time

If you pick fried green tea, the early dew is still there; if you pick it too late, there is not enough sunlight and temperature to wilt and ferment the tea, and you cannot make tea. Therefore, even in the same tea garden, the time for picking green tea is different, and the price of green tea will also be different.

9. Manufacturing

It is often said that there should be a combination of "heaven, earth, and people" in the finished product. The climate is "heaven", the geographical environment is "earth", and manufacturing is "human beings". If there is only good China Green Tea, and good weather, the tea-making technology is futile. However, if the first two conditions are not enough, as long as you have a wealth of tea-making technology and experience, you can still try to remedy it.
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