Why Choose YG Portable Oxygen Cylinders?

Posted July 27, 2021 by yugongmachinery

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1. Oxygen cylinders are durable. No matter how long they are used, they will give us all a guarantee, but we all need to pay attention to it. If something is used for a long time, problems will appear. The same is true for our oxygen cylinders. A little bit, after using it for a long time, we also need to pay attention to it at ordinary times, so that there will be no problems.
2. The oxygen cylinder is also airtight so that it will not leak our oxygen and affect our health. Therefore, when using our oxygen cylinder, we can use our oxygen cylinder boldly. The pressure resistance of the oxygen cylinder is better if we pay attention to the oxygen cylinder when using it.
3. The oxygen cylinder is a special high-pressure pressure vessel for storing and transporting oxygen. It is composed of 4 parts: a bottle body, a bottle collar, a bottle valve, and a bottle cap. There are two shockproof rubber rings on the outside of the bottle body, the bottle body is sky blue, and the word "oxygen" is marked with black paint to distinguish other gas cylinders. In the explosion accidents of pressure vessels, the explosion of oxygen cylinders occupies a considerable proportion, and it happens from time to time.

Acetylene is a flammable and explosive gas, and oxygen is a combustion-supporting gas. If these two gases are co-located in a workshop, the hidden dangers are no less than a time bomb. Fortunately, the accident was handled in a timely manner. There was no explosion of the nearby acetylene cylinder group due to the explosion of the oxygen cylinder valve pipeline, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.

At present, companies have a relatively good awareness of the prevention of flammable and explosive gases, thinking that they cannot be burned, resulting in paralyzing thoughts and causing accidents. Therefore, oxygen cylinder manufacturers remind everyone to do a good job of fire and explosion prevention of oxygen cylinders and to improve the awareness of fire prevention, which is of great significance to reducing fire accidents.

Over the years, we have formed a good user reputation in the industry and are well received by consumers! If you like YG industrial oxygen generators, household oxygen generators, oxygen cylinders, nitrogen generators, and other equipment, you can now Contact us, we will serve you to the end!

Recently, customers in Myanmar continue to place orders for oxygen cylinders from our company, because the outbreak in Myanmar is more serious and the trend has been aggravating. Therefore, we can advise our customers to buy oxygen cylinders. After all, oxygen cylinders are now the only effective measures that customers can purchase spontaneously to protect their lives. Contact us!【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800
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