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These were some of the books which should be provided to your 12-year-old kids to gently prepare them for future hassles and challenges.
The age after ten and before fifteen is the age of major developments of a child’s mind and body. Lots of physical changes are there if your children are crossing 12 and more. This time can lead to lots of self-consciousness and psychological changes. With balanced physical exercises, it is necessary to bring your child something knowledgeful and entertaining to read. The biggest benefit of reading is that it makes you smarter and focused. So, if your child gets familiar with reading techniques then this habit can completely change his/her life too. 12 is the age of having fun and playing games with friends, so it is difficult to make your child reading books. So, we have put together some interesting and useful books which are worth reading for 12-year-olds.

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Eragon by Christopher Paolini
It is a fantasy storybook in which a fifteen-year-old boy named Eragon was spending his days as a normal boy without the awareness of being a dragon rider. He was gifted with an ancient sword, a loyal dragon, advice from a storyteller. After getting trapped into a magical and glorious tapestry, it was all in his hand to save or destroy the whole empire. The book is appraised with 2004 Book sense book of the year and many other awards and recognition.

The miscalculations of Lightning Girls
This book is good to read for 12 years because it is interesting and entertaining enough for kids. The book is about a girl who was a genius in OCD whose GrandMother wants to go her to a public middle school, make some friends and read non-math books. This book is a very heart touching and well written by Stacy McAnulty

This storybook also twirls around a girl who was of different behaviour in Mica High. At first, her strangeness was liked by everyone including Leo but when she starts cheering for both the basketball teams in a match including the opposition team, she got judged for this. This book grips the coward sitting inside us. The story is amazing with a great entertaining tone.
Ghost Boys
This book is good for children because it is a fast-paced but interesting story highlighting the violence against black children by the police. The author shows the complexity of this issue on the perspective of her daughter. When the Jerome was shot dead by his Father, he becomes a ghost. Sarah is the one who can see and talk to him. The book is really good for aware children with social wisdom and intelligence.

The story is about 12 years old Nick struggling with his parent's separation. He is being bullied in the school. The only thing in which he feels good is soccer and this what he wants to play and do. This is his only desire until he gets injured. The book is nicely written, a fast-paced story with great interest in building elements.

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus
The book is written by Dusti Bowling about a girl named Aven Green who loves to make stories of why she does not have any arms. She became befriend with a boy named in the school and was different from other kids in the school. They both another friend named Zion mystery storage in the theme park where her parents were managers. This mystery storage leads them to know the past of Aven. The story is well-written and very interesting for children above the age of 10.

Snow White (A Graphical Novel)
Snow White’s dad is a wall street king and her stepmother is Zigfield Follies Star. She also has seven small protector street kid. The author of this book Matt Phelan has written this book so wonderfully that this book is one of the most loved books by kids. The book has a dark story with a happy ending which makes this storybook suitable for kids of 12 years and below.

Science of breakable things
The story is written by Tae Keller on a heart touching story of a girl named Natalie. In this book, Natalie wants to find out the ways to help her mother who is suffering from depression. She is no longer working. Natalie is going to take part in an egg drop contest with two other kids. She is trying to win the contest in any possible way and use the prize money to take her mother on a wonderful trip. The story is great to let the children have a little idea about life and depression too.

This beautiful storybook was written by Justin Sayre revolve around a girl Sophie. Sophie’s life is complicated because she always keeps hiding her mom’s alcohol addiction which affects everything in Sophie’s life even her school life too. Her aunt comes into the story when the mother is gone for a trip. Aunt teaches her to be strong and beautiful women. Now, when mom suddenly comes back from the rehab, Sophie has two options, one is to stay with her mom and second is with the aunt. The story is worth read for children once.

Front Desk
The story is all about Mia and her parents who have struggled since moving from China to America. Her parents start working at a Motel for very little pay. Mia helps out in the expenses by working at a front desk job. She became good friends with the tenants and write letters in the English Language to advocate other people’s living tough lives. The book focuses on the capability of tolerance and hard work. The writer of this book is Kelly Yang and she covered some aspect about the difficulties of migrants from different countries.

These were some of the books which should be provided to your 12-year-old kids to gently prepare them for future hassles and challenges. You can get these books online or by going to local book stores and libraries.

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