What Are The Processing Techniques Of China Nut

Posted November 10, 2020 by weigaofasteners

China Nut is generally used. There are many specifications and models on the market.
In daily life, two objects can be firmly connected together, and at the same time, it can be easily disassembled at any time. China Nut ( https://www.chinaweigao.com/ ) is generally used. There are many specifications and models on the market. They are divided according to material and bearing capacity. Users can combine their own Choose the actual situation. On the one hand, fastener manufacturers will continue to increase specifications in order to meet the needs of users, and on the other hand, they will continue to improve production technology. Today, fastener manufacturers will introduce to you the commonly used processing to ensure quality. What is the craft?

1. Annealing: Heat the wire to an appropriate temperature, keep it for a certain period of time, and then slowly cool it to adjust the crystal structure, reduce the hardness, and improve the wire processing at room temperature.

2. Pickling: Purpose: to remove the oxide film on the wire surface and form a layer of phosphate film on the metal surface to reduce the scratches on the tool mold during the wire drawing and cold forging or forming processes.

3. Cold heading: cutting the wire, heading into a screw blank, forming a head, making a cross groove (or other head type), thread blank diameter and rod length, and rounded corners under the head.

4. Thread rolling: rolling or tapping the formed semi-finished product to achieve the required thread. In practice, bolts (screws) are called rolling, threaded rods are called rolling, and nuts are called tapping.

5. Heat treatment: Strengthen the strength, hardness and bristness of its screws. A good screw cannot be too hard-it will break easily when locked, and it cannot be too soft-it is easy to slip and the teeth will not lock tightly, so if the screw has the characteristics of outer steel and inner flexibility, heat treatment must

6. Surface treatment: Surface treatment is the process of forming a covering layer on the surface of the workpiece by a certain method, and its purpose is to give the product surface beautiful and anti-corrosion effects

Through layered processing and exquisite production technology, we can become a variety of bolt products that we are satisfied with. In order to ensure the firmness in use, the previous article has explained the importance of choosing a Bolt Factory ( https://www.chinaweigao.com/product/bolt/ ), which directly affects the quality of the product and whether the manufacturer can properly handle problems encountered during use.
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