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Sanle plastic is a one-stop for all types of plastic products. It can be for household or commercial purposes, and Sanle Plastics will be able to provide it.
Hangzhou, China—10/06/2021— Sanle plastic is a one-stop for all types of plastic products. It can be for household or commercial purposes, and Sanle Plastics will be able to provide it. The variety of plastic products ranges from daily household storage containers to commercial bottles required by manufacturers. They also provide custom services that allow the customers to customize the product designs.

Among all the custom plastic bottle manufacturers, Sanle Plastics has been in the industry for over 20 years thus, they are well-versed with the design and requirement changes. Their design team and engineering team are capable professionals who can handle any kind of design demand. The end result is set to meet the expectations of the customers.

Other than bottles and containers, Sanle Plastics also are custom plastic box manufacturers. Once the concept and ideas are finalized, and the sample product is approved, the product will be delivered to the customer within the next few weeks. The experience of the various in-house teams working in Sanle Plastics comes in handy in providing quick quality services.

The whole custom manufacturing of plastic bottles is broken into many parts. First comes the drawing phase, where the idea is put into paper and is cross-checked with the customer. Then, the sample mold of the bottle is created just to be sure of the design. Lastly, mass production starts when the sample is confirmed and approved. Since all the work is done on-site, thus there is always the option to get adjustments done. Sanle plastics make the whole transition of an idea into a product very easy and the manufacturing process quick.
When it comes to materials, there are many plastic materials available in the market. It can be confusing for the customers to select a particular type. Mostly, the choice depends on the use of the container, bottle, or box. What the plastic bottle manufacturers suggest is to always check the plastic product after pouring in the contents. Once, satisfied then only place a big order.

Some of the common uses of few plastic types are provided by the manufacturer. This acts as a guidebook for the customers. The guide book has the following information-the HDPE type is very versatile and can be used for both food and non-food contents. The LDPE type is comparatively more transparent and less rigid to HDPE, therefore, is best as squeeze bottles and food containers. The commonly found PET plastic bottles are best for food and beverages because the plastic material does not let liquid or gas pass and reach the inside content. The PS material is ideal for foam cups, tableware, packaging pallets, or any other household supplies. The PVC type is best for pipes, medication packaging, outdoor furniture, cling wraps, etc. And the last one is the PP plastic material, which has high heat resistance making it a good material for manufacturing takeout containers, bottle caps, etc.

Sanle Plastics have their own molding team that turns the ideas into real samples. The molding techniques used by the manufacturer are injection mold and blow mold. Based on the plastic material and the content that it will be filled with, any of these two methods are used to create the bottles or containers molds.
The company not only prioritizes the customers but also the environment. Knowing that plastic takes hundreds of years to break down completely, and even the degradable ones are also a source of pollution to nature, Sanle Plastics has indulged itself into finding a biodegradable alternative to plastic products. They want to promote the use of green package containers. They are taking the lead in R&D in china to manufacture plastic products that are 100 percent biodegradable. The company is currently targeting developing at least 3 to 4 types of biodegradable plastic materials in the next couple of years. The research is active and is also welcoming customers to take part in this good cause.

Sanle Plastics is a company that knows its work and is one of the best in the plastic manufacturing industry. Thus, without doubt, when searching for a plastic container or bottle manufacturing company, reach out to Sanle Plastics.


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Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Co. Ltd. has been in the business since 2003. It is a supplier of customized plastic bottles and containers and is currently leading in the industry. It has worldwide clients, including Clinique, Abbot Laboratories, Nestle, Estee Lauder, among the rest. Apart from plastic product manufacturing, they also provide labeling, packaging, and color matching services. With 26 years of experience, the company has successfully made its place on the market and today supplies all around the globe.

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