Why should I donate SOUL Token? Is there any benefit?

Posted July 14, 2021 by soultoken

They are many countries are now recognizing cryptocurrencies as legit and offering tax benefits to crypto donations made to nonprofits.
In the past couple of years, crypto donations have been on rise. There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies for making donations. They are easy to transfer and track and you can make direct payments to any charity around the globe. Also, many countries are now recognizing cryptocurrencies as legit and offering tax benefits to crypto donations made to nonprofits.

Different people have different reasons to donate. Some do it for charity, others do it to help those in need. Many others donate to save taxes. Whatever your reason is, know that donating SOUL token is the best way to help others as well as earn profits. Here’s how.

Why donate cryptocurrency?

By donating cryptocurrencies, you can enjoy a number of benefits, as compared to other traditional ways of donating. For example, crypto donations are fast, secure and convenient. You can donate to your favourite global charities anywhere in the world. Like all crypto transactions, crypto donations are very secure and you can be 100% sure that your payment is going to the actual receiver. Also, most crypto donations are completely transparent, so you will know how and for what purpose your donations are used.

One other benefit of donating via cryptocurrencies is that you can get some tax benefits on crypto donations, depending on your country/location. There is generally no capital gains tax levied when you donate cryptocurrencies. For a blockchain company, using cryptocurrencies for donation can be a big thing, as it will not only demonstrate their corporate social responsibility but also help boost the adoption of their own digital currency, leading to further growth of the company itself.

Why is SOUL Token the best cryptocurrency for donation?

SOUL token is a charity cryptocurrency that was created for the purpose to help those in need. By simply purchasing and holding the SOUL token, you can contribute to help others.

SOUL token is unlike any other charity cryptocurrency, as it doesn’t require you to actually donate your money.

Yes, as a SOUL token holder, you won’t actually donate anything. Instead, the team will make donations on behalf of the token investors and holders. Here’s how it works.

Every investor who chooses to buy SOUL token starts a chain of transactions. And for every transaction, the platform receives a 5% redistribution fee and a 5% liquidity fee. The 5% redistribution fee is distributed as rewards among SOUL token holders. And the other 5% (liquidity fee) is added to the liquidity pool, which helps ensure ample liquidity for SOUL token users.

Every once in a while, the SOUL team will allocate 5 billion SLT that will be used to donate to official charities around the globe, with the purpose to help the most in need.

All donations made through the SOUL token are regulated. We only donate to the official and verified charities around the world. To avoid price drops, not all donations are made at once, but in a pre-planned manner.

There are many benefits of donating through the SOUL token. You not only get relief in tax on all your crypto donations, but also you get the assurance that your donations are going to verified and genuine causes, to contribute to those who are the most in need of your help.

Other Benefits of SOUL token donations:

Donations are made only to verified and official charities
All information related to donations, charities, etc. are publicly displayed on the official website
Investors/holders do not actually have to donate everything. They contribute simply by holding tokens
Investors/holders get to earn profits from the appreciating value of the SOUL token
There is a separate liquidity pool maintained with sufficient liquidity to avoid sudden price drops

Overall, SOUL token is a good investment if you are looking to get a recurring income from your crypto investments and also care about helping others. Without actually donating your tokens, you make sure to help others by simply buying and holding the SOUL token.

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