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Posted June 14, 2021 by scoutmusic

You are making music. Trying to make some money with your music is harder than you have thought. What can you do to get some cash in?
You are making music. Trying to make some money with your music is harder than you have thought. What can you do to get some cash in?

You can consider selling your music license to a sync licensing company. There are different licenses that you can consider when selling the license. Some even ensure that you get money with each time that your song is purchased. But, if you are thinking about going this route, you need to make sure that you get all the necessary information you need.

What is sync licensing?

Sync licenses are when you are buying or selling your music license. These sync licensing comes with strict Music licensing terms and you need to make sure that you know these terms before you consider buying or selling music rights.

There is normally a company where you can buy and sell the rights at. And, you need to make sure that you are doing the research before choosing the company you are going to use. Not all companies are recommended and legitimate.

Can you buy and sell music licenses?
Most people know that you can buy music licenses from a Music licensing agency. However, can you also sell your music to these agencies as well?

The good news for musicians is that you can sell it as well. There are different licenses and some of them let you keep the copyright, and you still get a percentage of the money the song makes online. Then other licenses are paying you a once-off fee and you never get more money from the song. However, this is a great way to get your name out there and to make money while you are making music.

Different rights available to purchase
When it comes to the sync licensing companies, you need to know that there are different rights available to purchase. There is the right to use the song only once, or forever. But, you aren’t allowed to change anything about the song.

Then, there is the license where you can change the wording and making it your own, unique version. There are also licenses for TV, radio, personal use, and professional use. Researching to find the right license for your music needs is essential before you just go and buy the cheapest offer you can get.

Buy from a company or start your own sync licensing company
When it comes to getting the music that you need, you have two options. You can buy from an agency after reading the Music licensing terms and conditions. Or, you can even consider starting your own licensing company. Then, you can make lots of money buying and selling music rights.

If you can’t create your own music, you might want to buy the rights of the song, directly from an agent. Finding and using the song that you need. By creating your own company, you might not have the time to create your own music anymore. And, you might not have time left for the things you love so much. Creating advertisements and adding music to them.

What will happen when you use music without owning the license
What will happen when you use music without owning the license to the song? You are using the song illegally. This can get you into serious trouble. You can be fined or even get jail time for using a sing without purchasing the right license.

Even if you have purchased a license, but you have used it incorrectly you are still using it illegally. And, you can still get into serious trouble. This is why you need to make sure that you know exactly what your license is for and use it correctly. This is really important to remember.

These are some of the essential information about sync licensing companies. Information that you need to know if you are considering buying or selling music rights. Without the right music licenses, you can’t just start using the music as you please. You will need to contact an agency and buy the rights or license for using the music. Or, if you want, you can sell the music that you are making yourself to these companies. Letting other people buy the rights and licenses for using your music.

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