What to Expect from SEO Audit?

Posted April 10, 2020 by SarahAddyson

Are you determined to boost your Google rankings and to do everything that is necessary to prevent your website from being affected by Google’s search engine algorithms?

Are you determined to boost your Google rankings and to do everything that is necessary to prevent your website from being affected by Google’s search engine algorithms? If this is the case, it is recommended to do things the right away from the very start so that you are not disappointed with the results you will obtain. A professional SEO audit is necessary to see what is wrong with your website and what should be done to get SEO results and this should be your starting point.

Why You Should Have a Professional SEO Audit before You Start Optimization?

How can you expect to improve your website without having it audited first? You can improve the visibility of your website and a professional SEO audit is a must before you decide on what needs to be done for your site. Your website will be audited by specialists from a SEO perspective and they will assess your current ranking, backlink profile, existing content and other aspects that might impact your search performance in a negative manner. There are still numerous website owners out there who decide to invest in professional optimization and who ask for certain services such as link building for example.

The problem is that most of these people do not know what is wrong with their website and what issues should be addressed to improve its performance in the online environment. There is no point in paying for a long-term link-building campaign if your website has various technical problems that need to be dealt with, if your pages do not load fast enough, if your website is not mobile-friendly and so on. The first step towards improving your website is to identify what needs to be improved and to take it from there. The good news is that a professional https://www.link-building-strategies.com/seo-audit/ SEO audit will help you do that and so much more.

Do you know what factors impact website ranking? Do you know which ranking factors are the most important and should be included in your optimization campaign? If the answer to these questions is no, it is clear that you need an audit as well as professional guidance as far as SEO is concerned. Not knowing what to ask for and what to improve will cost you time and money and this can be avoided with an audit.

What SEO Results Should You Expect from Professionals?

There are things that can be done to impact your website’s traffic in a positive manner but it is recommended to leave these tasks to professionals to obtain the best SEO results. Search results trends in 2020 focus on user intent, on delivering an enjoyable user experience and you should optimize your website accordingly. Specialists in this field will help you improve and sustain your rankings and search engine visibility and they will make sure that search algorithm updates do not have a negative impact on your website’s ranking. Most of Google’s changes are not visible, but they exist and they change the way search engines work.

Let’s face it, how many of us can actually keep up with all of these changes? Do you know how to align content with the needs of the users, how to generate organic traffic, how to attract clients in the digital landscape? The truth is that most website owners need professional help and there is nothing wrong with that. Some digital marketing strategies generate more traffic than others; blogging is a highly powerful tool and so is search engine optimization. If you keep up with the following trends you have nothing to worry about and you will see SEO results:
• Instead of focusing on keywords and rankings, focus on search user experience; what is the point of investing in content and links when you do not cater to the needs of your users?
• Build brand awareness and visibility- publish content on websites and social media networks, have an active social media presence
• Create a rich content experience; users appreciate useful, engaging content and they will not forget it anytime soon.
• Increase the value of the links you earn
• Optimize search for all platforms and devices

It is best to be prepared and to pay attention to the aspects that will influence your search rankings in the years to come. SEO experts will help you build a strong influence in the online environment so that you gain authority and you become known in your niche.

What Should an Audit Check For?

If you are serious about obtaining https://www.link-building-strategies.com/seo-testimonials/ SEO results , you should know that the agency you hire should check for the following aspects:
• Domain age, domain registration length, domain history
• Identify pages with thin and non-relevant content;
• Assess page load speed via html
• Check for duplicate content and plagiarized content
• Check keyword prominence and when den doing so they will pay attention to keyword word order, spelling and grammar mistakes and reading level
• Number of outbound links;
• Number and quality of internal links that point to your pages
• Site architecture
• Site uptime
• Sirte usability
• Mobile optimization
• Link profile
• Crawl errors
• Image optimization

As you can see, such an audit is a complex procedure and depending on the size and the complexity of your website it might take a few days for professionals to put at your disposal a well-documented audit. The good news is that once you have this information you will know what needs to be done for your website, what services you should focus on and how soon you should expect to see any results.

The fact of the matter is that SEO results take time. Website owners who expect visible results fast might be disappointed because most of the times there are numerous issues that need to be addressed to impact the ranking of a website and to make it more visible to search engines. Before you invest in optimization, you should know that this is a long-term process, one that does generate results in the long run and that will boost the visibility of your website.
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