Online Leadership Courses: Cost-Effective Performance Coaching for Managers

Posted January 25, 2020 by Pariotools

The Leadership Course starts with an initial questionnaire, profiling work preferences. Modules are then delivered automatically at specified intervals.
January 25, 2020 — Over the last decade we have seen significant technical developments, particularly in terms of improved internet access. This has created the opportunity to access online tools that can support coaching and leadership development. In addition to conventional training materials, it is also possible to access online leadership courses with dynamic content. For example, these new leadership courses can include an initial questionnaire to assess work preferences. This enables individually tailored content to be included in ‘learning modules’ that can be delivered automatically to the participant at specified intervals.

High quality 360 degree feedback becomes more viable with reliable Internet access. This is particularly useful in raising managers’ awareness of the expectations of colleagues and work associates. In some cases, the 360 software includes the option to integrate Assessment Centre ratings and written feedback. This means that assessors can complete the review process in different locations, and then meet for a ‘wash-up’ session with the draft report already compiled and ready for final review. This saves a tremendous amount of time when compared to traditional approaches.

It’s important that the reasons for introducing leadership development initiatives are clearly communicated. In the case of 360 Degree Feedback it’s important to clarify the benefits. It needs to be supported by a constructive development process. Ideally, it is a top-down initiative that demonstrates the commitment of the senior management team. In many organizations, the openness of the feedback (and increased transparency) may initially be viewed as a potential threat. People may feel that they are being scrutinized and could be subject to unfair criticism. This means that careful communication is needed, with guidance on how to manage the feedback process and build on the information that is provided.

Over time, more positive attitudes tend to emerge, particularly when the benefits of the process become evident to everyone. However, any tools linked to Performance Management Software are sometimes viewed as technically driven and impersonal. However, if the process builds on well-designed competencies and effective personal development, the outcomes can be very positive. It’s important to make the connection between people’s approach, and the quality of outcomes that are achieved. One of the benefits of 360 degree feedback is that it helps clarify what is required to improve outcomes. Managers become more aware of the expectations of different groups of people.

Gaining insight into work preferences, and how they affect performance, is partly achieved through 360 degree feedback, but there may also underlying issues that are best explored through other questionnaires. For example, we may find that excessive time urgency means that a manager is less consultative and neglects reflective, broad-based thinking. This can be quickly highlighted by a work preference questionnaire and help the individual improve their self-management. It is also possible to use employee engagement surveys to identify important aspects of management behavior. Constructive feedback can once again up improve the manager’s approach and lead to improved motivation and commitment.

Online leadership development courses are no longer restricted to off-the-shelf, standard materials. The new, more dynamic options include individually tailored content, but can also be followed up with well-focused surveys that highlight important issues affecting the performance of the team or workgroup. The whole process can be delivered with minimal disruption and provide the basis for follow-up coaching and leadership workshops.

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