The Importance Of Manual Fertilizer Seeder Mechanization

Posted January 14, 2021 by luhongxiang

At present, the main crops using the Manual Fertilizer Seeder for seedling cultivation are: tomato, pepper, lettuce, green onion

   Seedling transplanting or live broadcast? These two cultivation techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. I believe that different people have different answers, and different regions and crops will have different choices.

Seedling transplanting technology can utilize light and heat resources, has a compensation effect on climate, is more economical for land use, can increase the multiple crop index of crops, can advance the growth period of crops by about 15 days, and does not produce early spring low temperature, late spring cold, and frost , Hail and other climatic impacts; no natural disasters such as pests, drought, etc., increase the survival rate of seedlings, and ensure that each crop meets the agronomic requirements.

  Because the seedbed occupies a small area and the seedlings are relatively concentrated, the germination and seedling stages are easy to manage. The temperature, temperature and other conditions of the seedbed are easier to manually control, which can reduce the spread of viral diseases and help control or reduce the occurrence of viral diseases. It can increase the growth cycle of crops, increase accumulated temperature, and improve the quality of crops, and can increase yield by 10% or more, creating conditions for increasing crop yields.

   At present, the main crops using the Manual Fertilizer Seeder ( ) for seedling cultivation are: tomato, pepper, lettuce, green onion, cabbage and other vegetable crops; rape, tobacco, cotton, sugar beet and other economic crops; corn and other food crops.

   Manual transplanting is labor intensive, low in efficiency, and uneven row spacing after transplanting, which affects subsequent plant protection and harvesting operations. With the increasing maturity of factory seedling technology and rising labor costs, large-scale transplanting operations need to be completed by Manual Fertilizer Seeder.

   Seedling mechanization is a systematic project. The seedling raising machines and facilities supporting transplanting are weak, and the higher precision seeding machines suitable for tray seedlings and nutritious bowl seedlings are scarce. It is necessary to research and develop ways of low cost, convenient management, and mechanized transplanting and raising seedlings, so as to improve seedling raising facilities and corresponding supporting technologies to realize factoryization. For the design of pot seedlings and pot body shape and size, it should be combined with Corn Sheller ( ). The research on the entire system from seedling raising to transplanting should be strengthened to realize factory seedling raising and mechanized transplanting of crops in my country.
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