How did the LED bathroom mirror cabinet come from?

Posted July 19, 2021 by housen

How did the LED bathroom mirror cabinet come from?
Simple ways to identify good quality bathroom mirrors:

1. Look at the anti-rust function

As the bathroom uses more water, the air in the area is more humid, and there are many water droplets on the walls and the floor. If you buy an ordinary mirror and leave it in a relatively humid place in the bathroom for a long time, it will darken, or even rust and fall off. Therefore, you must pay attention to the waterproof and rust-proof function of the mirror when buying. At the time of purchase, we can observe the portrait in the mirror at close range to see if there is a gap, or we can move our eyes up and down or left and right to see if the object is bent or deformed.

2. View the anti-fog function

After washing your hair or taking a shower, a lot of mist will appear on the mirror, which will directly cause the surface of the mirror to become blurred, and we have a lot of inconvenience in using it. When buying a bathroom mirror, you must look at the back of the bathroom mirror and try to make it as flat as possible. The flatter, the better the quality. Then we can know whether it has anti-fog function.

3. View storage function

There are many types of bathroom mirrors with different shapes. Some bathroom mirrors can also be used as mirrors, can also carry some storage functions, and also have certain aesthetics. The bathroom mirror with point storage function can not only make up for the lack of space in the bathroom, but also play a role in storing items. Generally, the price of bathroom mirrors with storage function is higher, you can choose according to the actual situation.

4. Look at the material

In the same illuminance, it will appear brighter and the quality will be better. It is more suitable for dark surfaces with low light. The price of aluminum mirror is more economical, and it can meet the basic mirror needs of daily bathroom. If it is special makeup, we can also add a mirror lamp to supplement the light. However, the light in front of the mirror should not be too bright. We can choose to project directly downwards and perform soft light processing. Although the bathroom mirrors look the same, they are very different in materials. The more common ones are silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors.

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