Why do you need a walk-in environment chamber, and what is its scope of application?

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High humidity and high-temperature tests are required to ensure the effect of the humidity and temperature to the products or components.
High humidity and high-temperature tests are required to ensure the effect of the humidity and temperature to the products or components. DGBell company produces Walk-in Temperature Humidity Environmental Test Chamber that meets for a large size product testing.

The walk-in temperature environmental chamber is also known as a constant temperature and humidity chamber. It is an essential testing instrument for analyzing the effect of humidity and temperature on products or components. Many industries use a Humidity test chamber to test their products, including plastic, rubbers, and pharmaceutical industries.

Manufacturers and industries utilize temperature and humidity tests to determine products or components' behavior in severe test conditions such as high temperature, fluctuating environment, and different relative humidity. DGBell, one of the leading companies that produce the Walk-in environmental chamber, explained that its walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber's main function is to determine the effect of high humidity and temperature on products. Pharmaceutical industries use a temperature test chamber to test the effect of high temperature and humidity on medicines. The rubber industries also use the temperature and humidity test chamber to test the crack and melting rubber in hot and cold environments. Plastic industries use the chamber to test plastic products in extreme humidity or temperatures.

DGBell, a China-based test chamber manufacturer, produces a walk-in environmental chamber for temperature humidity test for many industries. The company releases five models (BTHW-6M, BTHW-10M, BTHW-15, MBTHW-30, and MBTHW-80M). Each model has a different test size with the same function. DGBell's walk-in environmental chamber has many interesting features. It is made of Steel structure, Stainless steel interior cabinet, and easy to clean. The chamber's design is efficient for energy consumption, more stable, and durable. The chamber is also programmable and adjustable to set the temperature and humidity. For efficiency, the test data logging output uses a USB memory stick, and it uses RS485 & Ethernet for remote control. Another feature, such as alarm notification via phone, is also available.

DGBell designed their products with advanced technology to meet all requirements for product testing. They also consider its safety during the testing process. DGBell prioritizes its customers' satisfaction and safety. They also provide top-level customer service to support their customers using their test chamber products properly.

About DGBell
DGBell is a leading test chamber manufacturer and supplier in China. They have just launched walk-in humidity environmental chamber that meets IEC and MIL standard, such as IEC 68-2-1 (GB/T 2423.1-2008), IEC 68-2-1 (GB/T 2423.1-2008), MIL-STD-810D (GJB150.3A-2009), and MIL-STD-810D (GJB 150..4A-2009). DGBell's walk-in environmental chambers are suitable for large size product tests. For more information about DGBell and its new products, please visit https://belltestchamber.com/.

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