Are You One of the Whitelisted Members of ApeAbu NFT Minting Event?

Posted June 16, 2022 by cryptosamuel

Buying NFTs as soon as one project starts minting is a great way to maximize and explore potential gains.
Buying NFTs as soon as one project starts minting is a great way to maximize and explore potential gains. Now, every trader/investor is looking to buy low and sell high, and exclusive NFTs are often available at the lowest prices instantly after the launch or innovation. Regardless, the fierce competition for such emerging minted tokens can drive up prices and also send transaction fees through the roof.

On the other hand, the NFT providers have alleviated such issues by creating or you can say while introducing whitelists for early supporters. We will briefly describe the NFT whitelist concept later in this article. Make sure that whitelisting is typically used for two basic purposes- reward early supports of any NFT project and prevent a gas war.

An NFT Whitelist

This term is a database of users who are guaranteed to retrieve an early access for minting NFTs at a certain project with defined date/time. Acquiring such a position on a list helps buyers avoid hefty transaction fees and exorbitant secondary prices for popular NFTs at times.

While waiting for your time slot, the user crypto wallet will sit on the priority NFT whitelist. This conceptual mechanism makes NFT minting more democratic, allowing early access for true supporters. On the other hand, avoiding the competition and gas wars that are often associated with popular NFT projects.

Similarly, ApeAbu NFT Collections are some exclusive rare NFT characters to be used in the Abuverse gaming along with its traits of hats, shoes, jerseys, power tools, and much more. Notably, the mint sale of such NFTs will be live directly on well-known OpenSea platform. To be clear, the whitelist of 2323 collections is right now live, so be the early birds to gain the opportunity for future profits.

Right away raise your chances to get on our NFT Whitelisting program. Follow our below-mentioned tactic to get your hopes high-

· Stay Actively Engaged

· Garner More Supporters

· Advertise Through Fan Art

· Participate in Giveaways

· Join Early

Note: NFT whitelisting programs give traders early access to the assets commonly known as tokens they’re most excited about. You can use this opportunity to activate the mechanism avoiding gas wars and grab as much as tokens at a relatively lower total cost.

If you are serious about making an investment in NFTs, you cannot have any better way to maximize your potential earnings, here is your chance to become more involved in the world of NFTs right by getting on a whitelist.

1. The members on the whitelisting will get priority to join the mint sale

2. The registered whitelist addresses will have 10% off

3. The whitelisted addresses will also get a bonus of ABUZ tokens along with eligible to enter the future minting of chapter 2 and chapter 3.

Now, how can you start whitelisting at ApeAbu platform:

Step 1: Visit and navigate to the whitelist option

Step 2: Connect user ERC20 wallet like MetaMask or Trust wallet

Step 3: Register user account and access the dashboard

Step 4: Go to option “Reserve Spot” and Pay 0.008 ETH from user wallet

You did it! Now, once you perform the above-mentioned steps, you will be the first member to get notifications regarding mint going to be live! Also, check out the ApeAbu Airdrop for ABUZ token right here:

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