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Posted February 5, 2020 by Ainsleyaiken

Affinity Home Medical presents the ultimate cleaning & sanitizing agent for CPAP masks in the form of Lumin CPAP Cleaner. Now get professional-level cleaning right in your home.
February 5, 2020 — Affinity Home Medical presents the ultimate cleaning & sanitizing agent for CPAP masks in the form of Lumin CPAP Cleaner. Now get professional-level cleaning right in your home.

The increasing pollution levels alongside a multitude of respiratory disorders have made the usage of CPAP masks commonplace in many households. One big problem with these masks is their essential cleaning and sanitizing process. Traditionally, average households did not possess the tools for cleaning these masks adequately, or the process was too cumbersome. But Lumin CPAP Cleaner by Affinity Home Medical brings the most comfortable and cleanest way to keep these life-saving masks sanitized at home.

Designed to be used by anyone, this CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer comes in a compact and portable bundle. It looks good on the bathroom or the kitchen counter and lends itself to enhancing the aesthetics of any room. The user needs just to place the mask in the easy-access tray and let the cleaner do its job.

The usage of UV light in a straightforward 5-minute cleaning operation makes Lumin CPAP Cleaner worthwhile, as it lends to no mess or cumbersome process to completely clean the mask. The green light on the top panel of the machine shows the progress of the cleaning process, and the user can control it with a no-brainer on-off switch.

The most crucial concern by CPAP mask users regards the ability of any cleaner or sanitizer at home to completely destroy all potential microbes on the surface of the mask or its hose. Affinity Home Medical presents Lumin Cleaner and Sanitizer that uses a mercury lamp with an ability to generate high UV rays that work with intense anti-microbial action. The best news for anyone using this mask is the purity that comes with the usage of this Lumin cleaner: no micro-organisms, no mold, no humid residue.

Another concern of users with any respiratory problems is the usage of Ozone in most cleaning or sanitizing machines. Once more, Affinity Home Medical and Lumin take care of this problem by providing a 100% Ozone-free performance. This is an essential factor to remember since Ozone has the dubious distinction of creating irritation in the lungs for most people. But with Lumin Cleaner and Sanitizer by their side, everyone can breathe easy, literally!

All of this comes at a very reasonable price, another point of succor for most users who may be wary of their bank balance getting affected adversely in the pursuit of the best CPAP cleaner.

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