Drug Abuse: A National Epidemic

Posted January 11, 2022 by Affordableevaluations

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Houston, Texas, (27, December 2021)/- Our country is in the midst of a huge heroic epidemic. It is due to the sharp increase in the abuse of prescription painkillers. It is affecting many regions of the country more than others. But the problem is spreading in less populated areas of the country. Substance Abuse of any has been doubled in just the last decade. Most Americans died from drug overdoses every year.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Evaluations
Doctors in the ED regularly encounter patients and seek treatment for alcohol/drug abuse problems. Data supports that the emergency department serves a vital role in identifying and helping patients in alcohol and substance abuse matters. The initial evaluation may seem like that these types of people have multiple physical and emotional issues. The ED may be in contact with the health care system for these patients.

Proposal: A Comprehensive Strategy
The government has labeled the drug epidemic and just a criminal justice issue, and some are trying to make it just a healthcare issue. As they believe, we need a strategy like that:

1. Prevents drug abuse & addiction before it begins
• Investing in children’s growth & development: Drug abuse and addiction prevention must start in early childhood and throughout middle and high school. It starts with dedicated parents and strong communities. It leads to promoting drug education in schools. Strategies should include public and social media with positive role models who are highlighting the danger of drug abuse.

2. Strengthen criminal justice
• Support law enforcement: More than $16 billion in federal resources support law enforcement in the fight against drug abuse. The government of Houston will make sure the federal enforcement agencies target illicit drug pipelines and supply chains.

• Strengthen and expand to drug courts: Drug courts provide an alternative to the traditional justice system so that non-violent drug offenders are screened and treated and recover under close court monitoring for at least a year. The government will make sure that this critical DOT SAP Program is to broaden access in every state.

3. Secure the border to stop the flow of illegal drugs in the U.S
• Secure the Border: The government of the country has been offered a border security plan with concrete steps to strengthen border security. This will make a critical difference in the flow of illegal drugs into the United States. With using new technologies to achieve continuous surveillance of the border.

4. Fortify Drug Abuse Treatment and Recovery
• To Strengthen Instruction for Drug Monitoring Programs: The state helps to identify inappropriate prescribing abuse of substances and patients who visit multiple doctors to abuse painkillers. Hence, these programs have not been linked across states and the drug abuser can drive across the border.

In conclusion, Drug abuse is a complex problem and requires a multi-faceted solution. “Affordable Evaluations” experts promise to provide fair evaluation, recommendation, and follow-up support to employees. They also offer out-of-state services. The professionals are always ready to help you and offer one of the best Drug and Alcohol Assessment Online. They help their clients to get back into their careers after years. For more information visit our official website: https://affordable-evaluations.com/
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