Leader or Manager, Want to find out?

Posted June 24, 2019 by ZnosShrestha

You might be a supervisor, however not a leader. And if you are aspiring to elevate yourself and your livelihood, irrespective of your job level, you have to be a great leader too.
You might be a supervisor(manager), however not a leader. And if you are aspiring to elevate yourself and your livelihood, irrespective of your job level, you have to be a great leader too.

Management is...

- Often bestowed upon an individual through name, hierarchy, or assignment
- Handling by directing, controlling, planning, organizing items, processes and people
- The side of the business (getting things done)
- Centered on productivity and efficiency
- Working within shorter time horizons

Direction is...

- Largely earned through consistent proven leadership behavior like being a fantastic role model
- Directing individuals by inspiring, motivating, coaching, impacting and affecting them (even if they don't report to you)
- The transformation facet of their business (making an effect )
- Centered on effectiveness
- Longer duration concentrated, purpose-driven

You do not need to become a manager to be a pioneer. In reality, leadership can occur at any level within an organization. Leadership is about "being" a leader and demonstrating leadership attributes. Competencies for example: building strong collaborative relationships, setting a good example for many others, follower-ship intelligence that is developing, maintaining purpose-driven, courageous authenticity, good skills, composure, and also the capacity to think strategically and critically. And while this is not a complete list of leadership qualities, what we do know is that few people are born with these qualities.

So, why develop leaders?

- There's powerful evidence that links direction effectiveness to business results
- Effective leaders outperform unsuccessful leaders
- Organizations face escalating complexity requiring more leadership from their people at every level
- Building leaders is a procedure

No matter what your job is today, it may be a much better leader in your office. Here are some methods to get you started:

- Do your best work and become a star performer. People are average, so with just a tiny bit of work you can be above average.
- Build strong working relationships with your coworkers, peers, direct reports (if you have them), and other people in your circle of influence.
- Get better at handling yourself. Including time and task management, punctuality, preparedness, as well as how you show up.
- Model the behavior you observe and admire of effective leaders within your business. Be a student of leadership.
- Hire a coach to help you in creating your leadership abilities.

Management grows over time with expertise, training and coaching, access to great role models and mentors. You become a great leader and can boost your leadership competencies.
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