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Toddlers are high in cognitive learning, they learn from the action of others. These picture books are the perfect option for them as they can learn the right behaviors by watching the stories and imitating the characters.
August 31, 2019 — Most fun-filled learning happens when you are a toddler. The toddler is a child 12 to 36-month-old. It's a time of huge cognitive development. Selecting picture books for the toddler quite be daunting, you must feel tough while playing the role as a storyteller. Still, there are ways you can find out to make toddlers involved in the books. Specifically, if we talk about the books they love or like, that includes the book with a bright look, smooth touch illustrative with contrasting pictures.

You will feel something different and crazy when you get involved in the reading with toddlers. You will see how they blankly and happily imitate the action of yours. Laughing together is so easy, they will make you even laugh on the stupid things. Children want things with fun and illustrative books make them funnier. You need to make sure before getting books for toddlers, although there are books that you can easily Google, and through the suggestions of others.

Penguin in love by Salina Yoon

This book has lots of pictures that make the toddler watch the story in real forms. When penguin goes to find the love of his life, he, fortunately, finds a mitten. this journey of his life covert into his big adventure. When a penguin finds the missing penguin, he wonders about the family of the penguin and then he takes the most important decision of his life, which is helping the Mitton to find his lover. Salina Yoon illustrated this whole story with the picture that embraces the adventurous journey of love. This story adds the value in toddler’s heart that when we start looking for others then we find the half remaining of us. Life is all about living with others.

Bear moves

The book filled with the freaky dance moves, the rolling, grooving and different dancing moves inspire the kids to turn out their reading into actions. When the bear is in dancing moves then he is helped by his best friend Bunny. Bold colors and contrasting illustrations will make your children lived that moment and read again and again.

How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers

Jefferies makes a series of books that apply to any age group. This book says about the story of a boy who went for the search of the star. In the whole story the boy goes side by side with the star, he plays games and does friendship, but all he had dreamt of is to catch one of them. Although this story is heartwarming about the quest of a boy, with so much true and real soul about love.

Hands say love by George Shannon and Taeeun Yoo.

You can make your children learn about the meaning of handshake, as the story is about, hand says love. This book shows how hands play an important role in our life, for those whom we care about. when parents help their children to walk, to dance and to see the whole world in their home. This read makes the toddlers learn about the important hand on moments we share we celebrate with the others. With the pictorial presentation of handshakes, toddlers love to attain this good habit in their life.

The bear in my bed by Joyce wan

This sweet graphic art shows the hilarious bedtime of the children. When the child goes to his bedroom and suddenly finds out that his bed is occupied by the bear, instead of his teddy bear. Book has interesting pictures shows the mess created by the bear. Your children must be get attracted to the pictures showing how, the bear eats the books, splashes the room with water, make this story interesting for the toddlers.
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe by Jane Cabrera

Books by the Cabrera always come up with the joy, songs, and rhymes, with the cute illustrations. This book has a story about the women who lived in a shoe with her cute appearance and much love towards the children.

When’s my birthday by Julie FOrgaliano and Christian Robinson

Who doesn't love birthdays, and when it comes to the toddlers, they lover every small thing about birthdays. the book shows a splendid illustration of the birthday celebration. This may be the perfect book for your children, and make them more excited about the birthday.

Tap the magic tree by christie Mathieson

This book shows the transformation of the beautiful changes on the earth during the season change. Amazing illustrations show the burgeoning buds, blustery shudders, illustrations are amazing and enhance the engagement of the children.
Every little thing by Cedella Marley, Bob Marley and Venessa Brantley-Newton
Songs of Bob Marley is filled with love, peace, and harmony, his new creation is done by his daughter, Cedella Marley in her picture book, little things. This book has a message that your every mistake will be forgiven alike sun comes after the rain.

Toddlers are high in cognitive learning, they learn from the action of others. These picture books are the perfect option for them as they can learn the right behaviors by watching the stories and imitating the characters. So you should be quite aware of the book that you are going to choose for your children.

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