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Softqubes dominates the news as a dynamic company that facilitates business strategies. Companies approach them for creative and innovative ideas to get along in this very competitive corporate environment where only the best succeed.
June 7, 2019 — The digital era comes with many advantages, but a killer instinct would be crucial to success. Running the extra mile would go a long way indeed on the complex path to commercial success.

The iRICH Club culture

Like a beehive, businesses and customers get together at iRICH for shared benefits. Companies and individuals are in search of profits, and many channels exist to generate incomes without significant risk. Loyal members get together, and the marketing tool does not cost much. Memberships would attract good deals and offers from partnerships.

In developing digital single line marketing for a client’s restaurant, Softqubes set up the website along with apps for Android and iOS for both the merchant and the customers.

Electronics and Telecommunications, Restaurants and Finance, Manufacture and Services, it is a dizzying corporate world that surrounds. Joining iRICH would be something like linking with an institution where you come in contact with many entities. Browsing for businesses on the iRICH network would bring up many openings. Pay securely in a moment through the iRICH Shop-Earn-Share app. Refer iRICH to the family, colleagues, and friends. The iRICH pool brings you a fair share each month that the app calculates, based on several factors.

The single line marketing sensation

Unconcerned with references, members can join either as merchant or partner. In the merchant application, the business logo address and website are listed along with a brief company description. Customers may pay through the customer application. Switching options would facilitate both functions. Every partner gets a unique number and QV code for scanning, either being used. Payments are made through the app for buying and commissions. Regarding restaurant payments, the admin may pay weekly via the backend panel with 10% commission deduction.

Generate excellent incomes every month

With numerous merchants and customers assembling under the club, a monthly position shuffle is worked out automatically, according to set relevant parameters. The payout for the member each month depends upon the position, compared to the other members. The higher the rank, accordingly the payout increases.

What criteria guide the monthly positions may appear mysterious, but it is soundly logical. The member’s earning points increase when references are made along with higher spending and length of memberships. The question arises as to which aspect is more important. Most important is how many new members have been brought to IRICH through references. The second important factor is the extent of spending through the club. Membership duration is considered but does not rank very high. Based on these three main criteria, the member’s position changes each month as calculated by the app. It is not possible for two or more members to get the same rank. Payouts will be given each month to the members and changes of payments will occur according to the changing position rank each month.

Get closer to the system and understand it better

Single line marketing led to the eventual development of the app. The user flow, wireframe, functions, and features of the iRICH CLUB are quite revealing and convincing. Unlike some dubious schemes, nobody will lose.

Workflow diagram indicates features with a green section for premium members alone while the yellow section features apply to both free and premium members.

Wireframe refers technically to the page layout and navigation around the site pages besides indicating the components. The wireframe is structured, and the client approval sought before the high fidelity interface is designed.

A striking app design

In these days of advanced digital technology, the app needs to present a superuser interface and experience. Whether Entertainment and Media or Travel and Tourism, the app must be enhanced to appeal universally with lots of allure.

In the HOME SCREEN that presents a business listing, the list of admin-approved businesses may be viewed by both premium and free users. Mark off personal businesses too. Read notifications from the bell icon. Make payments directly to any entity in the list. Search for business names also in the list. Scan icon and bell icon are used instead of the filter and sorting from A to Z.

Regarding payments, both premium and free users can pay by scanning the QR code. View your transaction history. Premium users have access to both the spending and receiving accounts of payments.

Concerning DEALS, premium users have the facility to add business deals, update or delete them. Premium and free users may view the transactions.

Premium members may ADD NEW BUSINESSES in any number from the admin-approved business list. Deleting and updating businesses would be possible. Plenty of details would be required like business name and location, contact details, etc. Further information like deals and images, manager details and bank information would be needed.

NOTIFICATIONS may be read through the bell icon on the home screen and the notification menu. SETTINGS screen has a menu that includes notification, change password, bank details, etc. Contact us, about us, Help & FAQ, T & C and Rate the US are also included in the menu. Softqubes does it so much better. For more details >>
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