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For a large number of people, their pets are just like a member of the family. They want to care and protect them as good as possible but sometimes an unfortunate event might happen to the animal.
What are laws and rights

Usually, laws are regulations made by authorities for the protection and wellbeing of citizens or common goods.

Rights are entitlements and freedoms of human beings. For example, the right to a fair trial. If you get prosecuted you will always have the option to get a criminal defense lawyer Charlottesville or be offered one for free by the state.

Although worldwide things are getting better and better, things are still far from perfect. Activists consider that a certain category of beings is still underestimated when talking about rights, and it is related to animals.

Animals and public opinion

These days more and more people think about animal’s rights. Their wellbeing is taken into consideration more than ever. It is almost a social movement, especially when taking into consideration the harm we, as humans, do to natural habitats.

Pets are one notch higher in regards to how the general public views them. Most owners consider pets to be part of the family and rightly so. They invest a lot of sentimental value but also monetary. Dogs, cats and other types of pets need to make regular vet appointments not only for the basic shots but also for the health problems that might occur in their lifetime. This results in an almost parent-child like relationship, so of course people feel extremely invested in that connection.

Animal’s rights

Even if they are warmly received by the masses, most states see animals only as property and do not give them too many rights, if any. The subject of animal law Charlottesville in the eyes of courts is of low importance. If a case of animal abuse is disputed, the damage is seen as done to the owner’s property, so the animal’s interest is not taken into consideration.

Most law experts think about the capacity of animals to talk and to reason, or more exactly, the lack of. This is the main argument in not seeing them on the same level as humans are seen in court. The biggest contra-argument of animal rights activists is that they can still suffer. And this is true. Harm can still be felt. Either directly (physical contact) or indirectly (damaging their environment).

Protecting your pet in court

If someone harms your pet you will probably want to sue him or her. Even if animal law Charlottesville is thin, you can still win. You have the high ground if the circumstances are clear. Some examples:
• Children harming a cat for fun
• Someone poisons your dog
• A thief steals your dog and sell it
• A neighbour shooting a dog for trespassing even if the dog was not aggressive or threatening

Sometimes, even if the harm was not intentional but by negligence, you can successfully go to trial. For example:
• The person you pick to take care of your dog for the day forgets him in a parked car on a hot day with windows closed, and the animal dies because of overheating
• Animal control staff pick up your dog, without seeing the owner tag
• A groomer cutting the animal by mistake, resulting in an infection

The prosecuted will most probably want to get a criminal defense lawyer Charlottesville which will do its best to make it a hard battle. He will try to diminish the consequences that their client would suffer otherwise. You should hire a lawyer as well. By doing so and having clear evidence you will win the case.

Unfortunately, regarding compensation, there still is a grey area. You will get an amount of money, but most probably not the amount you would expect. The value of an animal’s life in court is not equal to a human one. The sum received will be around the value of what the animal would be worth on the market. Factors that will affect the amount of compensation received include:
• The breed of the dog – some breeds are way more valuable than others
• Age and health.
• The training of the dog – you would need to find records to prove that the dog has been trained
• Medical treatments – records would also be needed in this case

Resource box: Do not be afraid of the prosecuted getting an Criminal Defense Lawyer Charlottesville . By knowing how to handle Animal Law Charlottesville well is the key to winning the case along with your attorney.
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