How Can a Homeless Hospital Help the Medical System?

Posted November 21, 2019 by SarahAddyson

When you don’t know anything about a Homeless hospital, one of the most interesting facts that you could learn is that these establishments act as Medical shelters for the people that do not have a home, but are sick or wounded.
The medical system obviously needs Medical shelters because these act as a transitional home for individuals that need to benefit from medical supervision. To be admitted into a Homeless hospital, a patient needs to be referred by a medical specialist and each case needs to be treated individually as there are certain conditions that must be met.

Everyone knows that these individuals deserve a better life, but not too many know what can be done for them. In this case, as a medical professional, you have the chance to change someone’s life by referring them to a Homeless hospital so that they can get well. The best part about it is that these patients don’t only get the chance to heal their physical wounds in a place where they are safe, but can also work with their social worker to improve their life.

This is where they can take the first steps towards regaining control of their life and find a home, a job and the chance to benefit from better life conditions, in general. None of this would be possible without these Medical shelters that act as a safe house for the individuals that would otherwise have to sleep on the street, keep their wounds clean on the street and take their medication. The moment they are released from the hospital, they have to stay out in the cold until their condition worsens so that they can be readmitted.

No matter how you look at it, this cycle is expensive and inefficient for the medical system. Something needs to be done and that involves getting the eligible patients to a recuperative care establishment where they can heal, while under medical supervision. If you are wondering how this type of shelter can help the system, the answer is simple – the individuals that get better here, will go on to have a better life. At least, this is one of the purposes of this type of establishment. Seeing as they can work with a social worker while at the shelter, they have all the chance of getting a job and just get their life sorted out.

This would allow them to not only have a better health condition, but also a better life, that involves getting them out of the streets. From the moment they are admitted into this type of facility, they are more likely to benefit from a better outcome. This means that they have the best chance of getting out of this repetitive cycle – living in the streets, admitted into the hospital, get back on the street, hospital again and so on. When they are out of this facility, they are well enough to not need any medical care.

If you don’t know what makes a patient eligible or not for this specific program, the list of special conditions can be found on the website of the right medical care facility. Nevertheless, seeing as these cases are not always black or white, especially when there are doubts whether a patient should be referred or not, the best approach would be to talk to medical staff at the shelter and see what they have to say. Simply put, if a patient is stable, alert, knows who he is, where he is, all about his condition and can do daily activities on his own, there is a pretty good chance that he will be accepted into the facility.

However, if there is a substance abuse problem, the situation gets complicated because the patient needs to stop drinking or taking drugs or anything similar while staying at the shelter. This can be rather challenging, which means that these cases are usually complicated. If he is admitted, the outcome will depend on the patient’s willing to have a better life. If you are ready to refer a patient, don’t talk to him or her about this situation before knowing whether they meet all conditions.

Resource Box: It is pretty obvious that a Homeless hospital is incredibly useful, not only for people that don’t have a roof over their heads, but also for the medical system. If you would like to learn more about Medical shelters , visit our website today!
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