5 Things You Need to Know About Paddy Power and the Paddy Power Sign Up Offer

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The world of online betting and bookmaking has seen some serious players come and go. The ingenuity of the human spirit can be best seen in the things people are willing to make a bet on.
The world of online betting and bookmaking has seen some serious players come and go. The ingenuity of the human spirit can be best seen in the things people are willing to make a bet on. From the World Cup right down to the weirdest things imaginable, bookmakers have been known to offer odds and take bets on almost anything and everything. But maybe no other online betting company comes close to Paddy Power. This Irish bookmaker has been known to offer its clients some very unusual things to bet on. Some funny, some not, and even some of them down right scandalous, the gimmicky bets that the company offers are guaranteed to make clients come back time and again. Add to all of this a cool Paddy Power sign up offer and you’ve got yourself a recipe for online betting success.

How Did Paddy Power Get Started?

The company was founded in 1988, in Dublin, when Stewart Kenny, David Power, and John Corcoran decided to merge their betting shops. The name of David Power was considered to be the best known of the three and the most influential, and that’s why the company chose to use it in the brand. The “Paddy” part of the name came to emphasize the Irish origins of the venture, and also to capitalize on the national spirit being reaffirmed in Ireland at the moment. The company thus created has since then expanded, through some aggressive marketing techniques, and is now operating in 195 locations in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Besides the classic horseracing bets, https://www.freebets.uk.com/paddy-power-free-bet/ Paddy Power also offers sports betting, online poker, online bingo, online casino and various online games. The company also operates Ireland's largest telephone betting service.

In 2010 the Irish company was the largest bookmaker in Europe, by total share value, generating an income of a whopping 444 million euros. In May of the same year, they became the majority stake holder for the Australian bookmaker Sportsbet.com.au. By 2011, they were no. 6th on the Management Today’s list of "Britain's Most Admired Companies". In 2016 they merged with their British rivals, Betfair, via an acquisition of the latter, becoming Paddy Power Betfair, with a Dublin HQ.

What is a Paddy Power Sign Up Offer?

Most online betting companies offer first time clients some form of bonuses or special offers in order to earn their loyalty and have them come back again and again. Such offers can vary from free company credit for the first bet they make to discounts on various services the company offers. The strategy seems to work as more and more companies come up with more and more elaborate forms of client offers.

The https://www.freebets.uk.com/paddy-power-free-bet/ Paddy Power sign up offer is one of such offers depending on what kind of service the client opts for. The services vary from classic sports bets to poker, to online casino games and many others.

5 things You Need to Know About the Company

When first going to their page one will notice that the company draws on the light-heartedness and proverbial humor of the Irish. Descriptions will often be made in a joking tone while all the while retaining that sense of a serious betting house. And speaking of bets, novelty betting is one of the things that made this company’s name almost a common household word. Paddy Power over time has offered some of the funniest betting opportunities ever imagined. Some examples include:

• United States President Barack Obama 'would not finish' his first term

• A still to be decided bet on which actors will play the next James Bond.

• The proving of alien life

• The next pope, contenders including even Bono, with a 100 to 1 odds.

All kidding aside here are 5 things you should know about this Irish bookmaker:

1. It is one of the largest betting companies in the world and the best known in Ireland. That means that the people in charge take great pride in their services and are dedicated to making their customers feel welcomed.

2. Although they had their fair share of scandals, mostly due to their funny take on betting and current events, the company remains strong, and has always settled their debts.

3. You can be sure that their special offers and premium services are some of the best out there. The Paddy Power sign up offer is one of the most enticing offers now available to anyone looking to get started with online betting.

4. Their site is one of the best looking ones in the industry. Everything from the font size to the button placement has been thought out in such a way that even the most picky of customers can be satisfied.

5. The last thing anybody should know about this company is that they shouldn’t take anyone’s word for it and go check it out for themselves. Surely anybody can find something to enjoy.
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