Honest Lovers Can Win in The Relationships

Posted November 2, 2019 by RodneyMAngelo

Simple ladies have been cornered in a culture that loves physical magnificence. They have attempted all ways as they continued looking for a worthy man and have not had a date in years.
They have given going a shot on arranged meet ups, a significant number of the folks were ideal for them however they stayed away forever. There is no desire for these simple ladies regularly finding a man and they must choose the option to acknowledge last dismissal. There is no fury like a lady that is scorned. Numerous ladies take liquor or drugs to calm the torment of their loneliness, others have gulped a jug of resting pills and bid farewell to a brutal world. The valiant lady doesn't destroy herself yet turns into a prime contender against her depression and discovers different interests.

People are not as good as is for the most part thought. Most single men discover ladies valuable just as a way to fulfill their sexual needs, yet on the off chance that the lady is the mother of his youngsters she is required for some different things. Ladies then again need men for monetary reasons and little else. It is astounding that scarcely any people acknowledge the way that they are mentally unfit for one another.

A heterosexual man will not date the most beautiful or intelligent women for more than a few times unless he is sexually rewarded. I have observed this fact to be true after witnessing thousands of breakups after the man was denied sexual satisfaction. Of cause there are exceptions to the rule but that does not alter my assertion. Most single men after being sexually satisfied find something else to do which leaves the woman alone. It is a rare man that hangs around a woman after she gave him what he was after. It is no different after watching a good movie. When it is over it is time to leave. A man who shares his children with a woman is bound by responsibility. His relationship to her is more complex but his psychological incompatibility remains. More than half of married couples break up before ten years of marriage. They wisely go their own ways. The others remain for financial security or other factors that rarely have anything to do with love.

A single woman spends a lot of her time searching for a husband. The type of husband she is looking for hopefully can give her the financial security she needs to live like a queen. There are not that many wealthy guys available so she compromises and accepts a middle income husband. After having a few children and working like a slave to rear them, she comes to the realization that she does not need him at all. With his child support payments and her job she can have a better lifestyle without his annoyance. After a long court battle for their assets she finally is rid of him. Her house is now her castle and she and the children are happier without him dictating to them. Her phone is now alive with divorcees that want to meet her for dinner or dancing. She is free at last and she will never return to the type of life she just gave up.

The homely women are no longer lonely. They have found lots of girlfriends and spend quality time with them. The community center is not far from their homes and is open all the time. The art classes have taught them how to paint in oils and they are there every evening. Board games are available and women love them. After hearing all the heartbreaking stories from the divorced and sometimes battered women at the center the homely women are happy that they never got involved with a man. It comes to their mind that their homeliness might have served as a blessing.

There is nothing evil about a single man that enjoys sex with a woman. Most men do, and it is programmed into their genes. Men seek out women for the sole purpose of having sexual pleasure. But due to the mindset of women men must not disclose this secret to anyone but trusted male friends. It is against a women's financial interest to date a guy that is only focused on having sex with her. She wants a man that enjoys only expensive things, and places his sexual desires in a secondary position. Men have interests that are not hers and he does not need the company of a woman to share them.

Men and women should be honest with each other and disclose their real purpose in dating. But if they did they would never date. If a guy told a woman all he wanted from her is sexual pleasure she might slap him and walk away. That is why a man has to lie and tell her that he is interested in theatre and traveling - if he does a love session will soon follow. If a woman told the truth and said all she needs from the guy is financial security or a free vacation in Europe he will be insulted. It is obvious that some sort of give and take values have to be accepted if men and women will be able to get along.

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