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The cheapest megalodon tooth for sale near me can be found in river & ocean deposits in the Carolinas. At the same time, those found on land areas like Bakersfield are extremely rare and fetch a higher price.
There are variations in size, shape, and coloration, and diamond roughs are also common across different sites. In the Carolinas, Megalodon teeth of 4 inches in length are very common, while in Florida's Bone Valley region, such a tooth is extremely unusual.

How Big Should Megalodon Teeth Be?

Larger teeth are more valuable than smaller ones, all else being equal. Larger teeth are less common, and therefore prices rise accordingly. Larger teeth are harder to come by. Thus the price jumps dramatically after you hit about 4 to 5 inches. Even more so, as you get closer to the mythical size of 6 inches (a really large tooth), it shoots up quickly. It's not uncommon for a tooth that measures 6 inches to fetch more than double as much as a tooth measuring 5 3/4 inches.

How Big are Megalodon's Teeth?

The length of a Megalodon tooth is usually measured along its diagonal, beginning at the tooth's root and ending at the tooth's tip. The tooth length is the longest diagonal measurement as even slight variations in posterior teeth can disproportionately affect the price for large teeth. We usually use digital calipers to get measurements accurate to the 1/100th of an inch.

The Megalodon ("Big Tooth") shark, which could grow to be 60-70 feet long, was among the most dreaded predators in Earth's history. Around 15.9–2.6 million years ago, the mega-shark was around. Megalodon shark teeth are very common fossils in the Southeast United States.

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The Megalodon teeth on sale at Rocksolid Fossils come from all over the world & span a wide range of sizes and quality levels. These fossils are 100% original, and they never sell fakes or replicas.

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