Know The Types Of Speakers Used In Public Speaking Places

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Loudspeakers are one of the most important elements of a public address system.

Depending on their main purpose, quality of sound that is expected to be delivered by the speakers, and factors such as ease of installation, efficiency, and of course, cost, the choice of the ideal loudspeaker type could vary.

This write-up provides a very high-level overview of the different speakers available from some of the leading manufacturers of speakers and public address equipment.

Line array speakers: A-line array loudspeaker system comprises several loudspeaker elements joined together in a line segment. The adjacent drivers provide 'constructive interference' to push sound waves farther and, importantly, with an even sound output pattern.

Line arrays are generally arranged in vertical arrays when used in public address systems. That is useful for maximizing the output sound energy, ensuring that sound is focused correctly on audiences.

Horn speakers: Horn loudspeakers use a horn to raise the driving element's overall efficiency, which is usually a diaphragm driven by an electromagnet. While the horn itself doesn't contribute to sound amplification, it improves the coupling efficiency between the speaker driver and the air. In addition, the horn helps provide greater acoustic output from a given driver; horns can extend the frequency range of a driver beyond five octaves.

Cabinet speakers: Usually mounted to a wall, cabinet loudspeakers are quite suitable for use in 'tight areas' or where space may be a constraint. Theserestaurant speakers are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Often the quality and the cost of these speakers are a function of the cabinet itself rather than the other components of the speaker.

Ceiling speakers: The key advantages of ceiling speakers are that they consume a lot less space and that too in an area that is generally a lot more obstacle-free, i.e.,ceilings compared to walls. Moreover, they are relatively easy to install. Of course, there are questions about the sound quality that ceiling speakers provide vis-a-vis wall-mounted speakers. However, considering the overall efficiency, ease of installation, and the relatively less space they take up, ceiling speakers are often a good choice.

Column speakers: Column speakers are great in providing great vertical dispersion of sound. However, horizontal coverage is typically quite limited. If you are looking for High Ceiling Speakers, then check

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