Difference between Home Health Care And Residential Nursing Care Services

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Home health care provides non-clinical assistance such as meal prep and companionship. Home health care is great for seniors looking to stay in their homes throughout their elderly years.
When it comes to the wellbeing and safety of our loved ones providing a safe and stable living environment is so important. More than 95% of seniors prefer to stay and live in their homes as long as possible. Even if assistance is needed.

Senior home care services are not something the elderly should be ashamed of wanting or needing. 24/7 nursing care is a great and trusted service to help the elderly live as independently as they can with assistance.

Senior Home health care and residential nursing are very similar. Both provide around the clock care. This includes meals, personal care such as bathing and shaving. Home health care provides non-clinical assistance such as meal prep and companionship. Home health care is great for seniors looking to stay in their homes throughout their elderly years.

Finding a trusted facility for your mother, father, grandparents, or loved one is so important. Let’s dive into some of the benefits that senior home health services offer for your family members!

What is Residential Nursing Care?

Residential senior home care services have staff around the clock 24 hours a day along with care assistants. The people working in the homes have experience in care however are not required to have any nursing qualifications or experience.

Resident facilities provide help to those living with physical or mental conditions. Generally, these patients do not require full-time hospital care that is why residential assistance is perfect. Nurses will assist with all necessary medications and day-to-day activities.

Benefits or Residential Nursing Care

Residential care homes provide an at-home feel without physically being at home. Residential facilities offer dining, laundry, and a variety of fun activities for the seniors to enjoy such as music, yoga, arts and crafts, and outings.

Some other things to expect in a residential home care facility include:

- Home-cooked meals
- Transportation
- Administration of medicine
- Housekeeping
- Home-cooked meals
- Companionship with other residents

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care services provide companionship and emotional assistance to someone in need of comfort. Typically nurses are the ones who are providing the services. However, they will consult with the primary care doctor to set up a plan for things that include:

- Pain control
- Osmotic care
- Wound dressing
- Medication administration

Who Benefits from Home Health Care?

Any senior can benefit from a home health care service. Whether they are struggling with day-to-day chores or can not live alone, home health care at least lets the elderly live in their home and feel independent.

- Elderly people who need to monitor their medication
- Seniors who are needing occupational or physical therapy to regain independence
- Seniors who have been discharged from a hospital stay or rehabilitation facility
- Seniors who feel isolated or alone

What Does Medicare Generally Cover?

Home health care is generally covered by most insurance. Medicare and private insurance plans cover home health when it has been prescribed by a physician. Speaking to your loved ones’ physical or doctor to see if they believe if it will be beneficial is important. Medicaid covers care for seniors who qualify, however, the amount of coverage will vary by state.

Home Health Care Options

No elderly person wants to admit that they need help or move into a nursing home. However, often it is needed that they receive assistance to maintain some amount of freedom. There are a few options available to seniors who require a little help.

Receive the help of friends of the family

If you are not ready to hire a service quite yet getting the assistance of friends or family is a good place to start. This way the assistance can be delegated out to different members of the family. Even if some friends and family are not able to provide in-home assistance they can help with driving, and meal preparations throughout the day.

Hire in-home care

Hiring an in-home service such as 24/7 nursing care who have experienced and professional caregivers to take care of your family. Generally, the cost of this can be covered by medicare. Hiring an in-home professional to take care of your loved one will not only give you peace of mind, but your loved one knowing that they are always safe.

With either option that you go with you will be assisting your loved one in so many ways. Home care is far less expensive than nursing home costs and may be preferred for the senior you are providing care for.

Tips on How to Choose Home Health Care Vs Residential Care

Choosing to get assistance or even move into a home is difficult. Once you have thoroughly evaluated the pros and cons of each it is still a big step. Here are a few tips to help you get started to determine if your loved one requires assistance.

Determine how much help is needed

Before you jump right in and decide to hire a nurse you should fully understand and be aware of how much help is needed. Once you have evaluated this assistance think if any family members or friends may be of assistance. Is assistance needed weekly, monthly, or daily? This will also help determine the price of this assistance.

Evaluate the pros and cons of home health care Vs residential care

In-home care pros:

- One on one care that is specific to the needs and preferences of the senior
- Can remain in their own home
- Ability to find the perfect person to provide care

Cons of in-home care:

- The home may need to be modified to adapt to a wheelchair
- 24/7 care can be very costly

Overall, providing and finding high-quality assistance for your elderly family members is very important. It is also important that you are listening to their needs and expectations of care. Services such as 24/7 nursing care located in Miami, Florida provide a variety of different services for your senior loved one.

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