The Importance of Having an Experienced Fairfax Divorce Lawyer

Posted December 15, 2019 by JohnDGoodwin

Sometimes, things don't work out the way we planned. Despite our best efforts and intentions, things break, and relationships fall apart.
When a marriage or civil union ends, no matter how amicable the parties involved may be, it is important to find a divorce lawyer Fairfax VA ( to represent your interests. You may think that doing it yourself will save some money. However, marriage is a legal institution, and most of us are not lawyers. Having someone by your side who understands how family law and how it may affect you is highly recommended.

Expert Guidance

Laws on distribution of property after divorce vary greatly from state to state, and can change frequently. Divorce lawyers are aware of how these laws may affect your situation. Their expert guidance can make sure you get what you deserve. Financial matters such as spousal or child support, debts, assets and future assets can be confusing without a knowledgeable guiding hand.

Avoid Paperwork Problems

It is possible to obtain, complete, and file the paperwork necessary for divorce cases without legal advice. However, incomplete, inaccurate, or missing paperwork can cause frustrating delays. Adequate legal counsel will help you avoid paperwork issues that might delay court rulings and the finalization of your divorce.


The court is legally bound to review any information it receives on your case, regardless of who files it. Without knowledge of proper legal language, misunderstandings are possible. These can lead to the court misunderstanding your wishes, and taking actions that you did not intend. Professional divorce lawyers are able to present your case in clear legal language, ensuring that your desires are understood. This is especially important if there are child custody issues.

Stress and Mistakes

Divorce is an emotional event. These emotions can make it difficult to function through daily life. How much more difficult would it be to navigate a new field of knowledge with that emotional stress? With your mind altered by an already stressful situation, mistakes can be easily made. This can add to the stress you are already experiencing. Having a lawyer to take care of all the legal details will allow you the time and space to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a difficult time.

Access to the internet has given many of us the idea that we can become instant experts in most fields. While this may be true to some degree, legal matters are always best left to the experts. Divorce cases are as unique as the individuals involved. A search engine can provide valuable information, but it cannot replace years of experience and first-hand knowledge. Choosing to do it yourself can cost you precious time, money, and energy that could be used for self-healing and rebuilding your life.
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