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Posted February 24, 2021 by JessicaBeak

It is possible to live without food for some days, but without oxygen we can’t imagine to survive even for 5 minutes.
It is possible to live without food for some days, but without oxygen we can’t imagine to survive even for 5 minutes. Oxygen is necessary for all of us as the functionality of our respiratory system which directly responsible for the survival of living being. Inhalation of clean and adequate amount of air is must to avoid respiratory problems. Many people find it difficult to breathe due to some respiratory condition which leads to inactive and unhealthy life. Several equipments are designed to assist people in breathing especially for old generation. One of such incredible equipments is oxygen concentrator. Let us learn more about oxygen concentrator and how it can save lives and make you life worth living.

What is oxygen concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a device that helps people who have low levels of oxygen in blood. This device collects air from surrounding atmosphere and purifies it to supply as newly fresh formed air. It simply receives mixture of gases from atmosphere and concentrates it in oxygen-enriched air and provided to the patient.
It can either powered by charged batteries or directly plugged into an electrical outlet to operate. Portable concentrators are also available for use while travelling. Most people confused portable oxygen concentrator as portable nebulizer but both are different thing, the former is used to give oxygen with mixture of other gases to help patients in breathing while former is a device used to administer medicine into the lungs in the form of spray.

Advantage of portable oxygen concentrator

Some of the major benefits of portable oxygen concentrator are listed below-

• Portable oxygen concentrators are easy to use; you don’t have to face challenges while operating them as in traditional concentrators. They are easy to adjust and allow you to monitor the liter flow and battery life in just a minute.

• They are lightweight and compact in size that makes them easy to carry while travelling. You can even use them while participating in physical activities and social events.

Things to consider when buying oxygen concentrator

• First of all, you need to be sure of your needs before investing in any type of oxygen concentrators. This will help you to make right choice both in terms of specification and quality.

• Before purchasing of using oxygen concentrators you must consult with a doctor first. Every patient has different need; some people need assistance in breathing while doing any physical activity and some only while sleeping. So, it is best to ask with a doctor before moving ahead.

• You also need to make sure that whether there is requirement of continuous flow or need oxygen as a pulse. This could help you determine which type of oxygen concentrators you have to purchase.

• Other important aspects to be checked while purchasing is quality and safety of concentrators, maintenance requirements, and warranty.

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