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The Fresh Tone and the Eye Care specialist sends out the following kinds of contact lenses to assist you choose the best option for the eye.
Fresh Tone, providers of contact lenses wishes to assist the public become conscious by providing public information about the kind of contacts. Fresh Tone Educates The public With The Types Of Contact Lenses As many individuals use a contact lens to get a clearer view without compromising style and fashion, the Fresh Tone attempted to increase knowledge about the kinds of contact lenses that are available to you. The Fresh Tone and the Eye Care specialist sends out the following kinds of contact lenses to assist you choose the best option for the eye:

1. The soft contact lens Approximately 90% of customers use this contact type glasses. The soft lenses generate plastic material and water from the soft polymers. The oxygen may also enter the lens and cornea and more individuals will find it convenient to wear because the eyes are not smothered. The advantages you can gain from wearing smooth lenses almost immediately accumulate. It comes in various designs and models that can match your lifestyle, your budget and your needs.

2. Available Contact Lens The contact lenses are the types that can be discarded after one day, two weeks, a week, or after a week. The periodic removal of this contact lens stops protein deposits from building up in the eyes that may influence the health and vision of the user. Because it has been intended to provide comfortable and low maintenance, it should be replaced to prevent eye infection.

The expanded wearing contact lens enables the eyes to breathe and can be used for up to one month.

3. Extended wear contact lens. The benefit of such contact lens kinds is that you can sleep on it without worrying about infection or corneal ulcers, but need to visit your eye attendant on a periodic basis.

4. Colored Mode Lens These contact lenses can alter iris shades or patterns by allowing the user to use these lenses. It can cause the eyes to be drastic and is not recommended to wear each day. Since most of those wearing this sort of contact lens use this for anesthetic reasons, advice from the eye care professional should first be received before using it for additional security.

5. Hard contact lens This sort of lens is almost, if not already outdated on the market as it never allows oxygen to be transferred to the cornea, causing eyes to swell.

6. Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens Sometimes considered an old-style lens, because only few people today wear this kind of contact lens. It enables oxygen, like the smooth contact lens, to move into the cornea and the shape of the lens is not changing since it is rendered rigid but durable than a smooth lens. It is more comfortable and foldable. And because these types of contact lenses have no water, lipid, and protein structure, they provide a clearer view.

TORIC Contacto lens On the other side, the toric lens, which is accessible in smooth and gas permeable models, corrects astigmatism. It usually takes more time to wear such lenses and requires the assistance of the physicians when it comes to equipment.

This sort of contact lens enables a clear view of objects close and far and also available in soft and permissible options for a individual wearing it. This is useful for monovision correction and requires the assistance of the doctor for the fitting of the lens.

Fresh Tone, a provider of fashionable cosmetics contact lenses, will provide you with this contact lens education and contact communiqué for the choice of contact lenses. Please visit their website for data on the contact lenses they give.
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