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A key point in the life of new parents is purchasing a baby pram for the little one. In an age where one of the two parents is at work constantly, a pram is a necessity. A pram enables a parent to transport their child out of the house with as little hassle as possible. A pram also provides an alternative to carrying the child constantly. Visits to the pediatrician or walks around the local park are made much easier with a baby pram. All these factors above make it impervious that you make a proper decision when selecting the best prams in Australia for you.

There are many different types of baby prams in Australia to choose from and several brands. If you do not do your research, a visit to a store to scope baby prams for sale can turn into a nightmare. But conversely, this enormous choice will guarantee that you can find the best baby pram. Since baby prams are quite expensive, blind research is not recommended. Hence a reliable guide to buying one will go a long way.
What is the difference between a baby stroller and a baby pram?
The answer is simple, and knowing it is the first step in deciding your baby’s first set of wheels.
• Baby Stroller: Generally, refers to models that seat the baby or child in an upright position
• Baby Pram: Are usually models that occupy the child in a horizontal/sleeping position
• Keep in mind that these terms are used interchangeably in modern days, since most models support both positions.
Different types of baby prams and baby strollers
To accommodate use cases of both parent and child, there exist a variety of baby prams in Australia. These differ mainly upon their core design or how many wheels they have
• Jogger stroller / Jogger prams
These are aimed at parents who engage in physical activity/want to lose weight.
o Pros: The parent can keep fit while looking after the baby, this also aids post- natal recovery. Inclusion of 3 large wheels that make rolling easy and absorbs the shocks generated by a faster movement pace.
o Cons: Heavier and harder to assemble and cannot be folded into a small size. Some of them may not be built for fast activities – especially the cheaper ones (Its best to purchase a genuine jogger pram designed for that purpose)
• Double stroller / Double pram
For the lucky few of you that get twins or have more than one toddler, a double stroller or double pram is the way to go. Managing 2 babies is double the trouble, choosing the correct double pram will save you time and sanity.
There are 3 different types of this pram: Side by side strollers, tandem strollers, and single seat strollers with an additional detachable seat.
Side by side prams / Side by side strollers: Like the name implies, this has 2 seats next to each other.

o Pros: Keeping a close eye on both kids at the same time is easy. Both the little ones can interact with each other when going out for walks. And generally, there are no limitations to the positioning of the babies, and both can recline fully.
o Cons: Side by side strollers are quite wide and might not fit through narrow passages or doorways. And they are quite heavy so your hubby will need to give you a hand when packing it. You will also need to take additional steps to make sure it fits into your cars boot and keep the same in mind when ordering a taxi
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