50 KW Solar System Cost is Nothing Than Its Great Energy

Posted June 10, 2019 by arisesolar

Solar power has gradually gained ground all over Australia.
June 10, 2019 — The market for PV panels has steadily grown in recent years. As per Energy council reports, The year 2019 also looks very promising. Both households and commercial firms benefit from solar powered systems.

=> In recent years, Global news has been all about Climate Change.
=> Worldwide, there is a genuine concern for sustainable development.
=> Business enterprises have to depend on solar panel installations.
=> Clean and efficient energy is ensured by trustworthy brands.
=> A medium scale enterprise can easily afford the 50kW Solar system cost.
=> Photovoltaic technology is also ideal for better energy management.
=> Governments and banks have loans and support schemes to help buyers.

"What bright sunshine is to flowers, happy smiles are to humanity."

The sun is a great source of abundant heat and light. These vital energies can be converted into electricity. We all have to thank high-quality photovoltaic cell technology for this benefit. Not only do businesses lower their power bills, but also receive clean energy.

Homes versus Businesses

Private homes will only have up to a maximum of 10 people. Ideally, A family consists of up to 4 people. Unlike businesses, These homes do not require a large quantity of power. They can get by on 5 KW, 6.6 KW, or 10 KW solar panel systems.

The solar installation' output is measured in kilowatt-hour per year(kWh/yr). For example, TVs require 20w and if they run for 2 hours, then power needed is 40w. So, Consumption grows based on the appliance as well as hours of usage.

Obviously, Commercial enterprises have heavier power demands. Hence, The 50 KW solar system is ideal for them. A small store can get by on a 10 kW system, but not a company. Your office complex or warehouse would definitely require the 50 kW fixtures.

"Sunshine has a positive effect on your daily life. May you see a lot of sunny days."

2 Key Criteria In Solar Installations
Apart from your commercial solar requirements, there are two key issues here -

1. Battery Storage
The solar power is generated by the panels on sunny days. But it has to be stored in a battery with good capacity. For Example, A battery with 12 Volts and 20 Amps/Hr capacity assures 240 watts/hour(= 12 * 20). The battery is wired and connected to an inverter.

There are two types of batteries that are popularly used. They are the lead-acid variety and the lithium-ion models. The latter ones are more efficient, but the lead batteries are perfect for solar applications. Buyers can choose from a wide range of batteries to meet their needs.

2. Generated Solar Power
A good deal of sunlight and brightness are obviously required. Only then do the PV panels generate sufficient power for storage. Multiply the number of sunshine hours with panel wattage to calculate the energy. Long hours of sunshine ensure better energy efficiency.

With 50 kW installation, You get a well-configured system. The technician sets up tier 1 panels to meet your business needs. They are more suitable for medium scale businesses than the 10 kW systems. You can also scale up the installation later up to 100kW Solar System.

About Arise Solar
Arise Solar installs PV panels for Australian commercial enterprises. Small or medium businesses will benefit immensely from solar power. The company specializes in the supply of reliable 50 kW panels (and inverter systems). They are efficient and highly affordable too.

The products of Arise Solar are ideal for different businesses. Warehouses, office complexes, and supermarkets can rely on them. The solar-based system ensures uninterrupted power supply. The high-quality energy supply is clean and efficient.

The 100% Aussie company has a nationwide network. Their technical and customer support executives are professional and friendly. All the solar related products and accessories can be brought from them. You are assured of the best prices along with flexible payment plans.

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